Travel and Adventures of Well-Padded Puss: Fairy Tale

This amazing series will take you on a wonderful journey. You’ll meet courageous traveler that is known as Well-Padded Puss and his friends.

Puss was not really fat, but he was kind of… Well, he called himself “not skinny”. Why Puss? For unknown reasons, he disliked cats, although he recognized them as his relatives. Puss claimed that he was a representative of a completely separate type of creatures — Pusses.

His friends and acquaintances did not argue with him, and they nicknamed him Well-padded Puss just to please him. Join in on the journey and meets friends and enemies along the way! Puss is very smart, brave and always count on his friends’ help and the good magic will never let him down.

“Travel and Adventures of Well-Padded Puss: Fairy Tale” by Alexander Krasnopolski only $2.99 from July 21 – 28, 2020