The Shadow Whisperer

Maya, a complicated young woman with a gift for black humour and self-deprecation, is on a misguided quest for self-knowledge, wisdom and spiritual mastery…but only if the quest provides the answers she likes! Looking for her life’s purpose, Maya embarks on a remarkable and transformative journey of self-discovery. We follow her in a unique blend of spirituality, magical realism and folklore. Each step on her spiritual path is a struggle often with hilarious and near catastrophic results. Along the way, we share the life-changing wisdom she learns under the guidance of Andres, a mysterious South American shaman. Why, she constantly asks, is the spiritual life so complicated? Will Maya be strong enough to accept her gift as a Sin Eater and complete the journey towards humility, trust and faith? Maya’s story is an encounter about facing our fears and admitting our mistakes; facing and coming to terms with the past; searching for acceptance and forgiveness, and finding the courage to confront life’s challenges. The Shadow Whisperer is a story with the power to inspire and change people’s lives. Jennifer S. Hartley is an enchanting storyteller, inspiring people to see beyond the ordinary and into the remarkable.

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