Lucy The Cat Christmas Magic

Lucy The Cat Christmas Magic is an illustrated Children’s Book.

Lucy The Cat loves holiday seasons, and Christmas time is her favorite. Lucy wants to help her human mom and dad in all Christmas preparations. Christmas tree is fun to set up and decorate. It’s exciting to climb carefully from branch to branch and hang candles, candy canes, tinsel garlands, and all the other stuff on the branches.

It is still one long week until Christmas. Then Christmas elf knocks on the window and asks Lucy The Cat to join to search for Christmas magic. Santa Claus lives far away. Luckily, the Christmas elf has a spaceship, and in a moment Lucy will reach Santa’s home. Lucy will meet space elves, ride on dog sled, and meet the reindeers ready for Christmas. Santa’s gift factory is a busy place filled already with billions of gifts. Of course, the most important is to meet Santa.

When Lucy returns back home, she realizes that Christmas magic, love, and peace are already there. Maybe Lucy brought it with her. Joy to the world!

$2.99 Bargain eBook from November 28 – December 2, 2020