Like Mother, Like Daughter

Liz owns an antiques shop, following her mother. Her first job was at a biscuit factory, where she rose through the ranks from packer to inspector.

She met Michael, who took her out on dates and tried to seduce her, so she resigned and became a teacher. And then WWII starts. She met Stephen on a country walk and he enrolled in the Royal Navy, but is killed. Liz attends antiques sales to buy stock and she meets Roland, who tells her he was an airman.

They marry and she leaves teaching, inheriting Stephen’s stock, to add to that of her mother. They buy a shop in Uphall and she has a baby. Roland throws himself under a train, but the reason is initially a mystery.

Years later, she meets Peter, an antiques dealer who takes her out when he travels from London. They part, but meet again at a house sale, where her daughter match-makes.

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