Life Resource Management (LRM): A Flyer’s Guide to Surviving Life

When you are new to flying, what do you do when: You want to be the best version of yourself You have the best job in the world, but its stresses drive you to distraction The rules of life are dramatically changed, and we search for firm ground to hold on to Life Resource Management (LRM) provides you with the most up-to-date techniques to support you through challenging times in your aviation career. Written by an experienced Scottish captain who has been through what you are going through, you will find deep insight, shared experiences, support, advice, and all the motivation you will need.

Inside, we ask life-changing questions and the exciting answers are not what you might think. By using proven psychological techniques and mind hacks, you will find new ways to rediscover the joy in your lives and develop exceptional careers as flyers … and human beings.Included as a bonus – a chapter specific to the viral pandemic with help and advice to guide you through these unprecedented times.

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