Last Dance of the Mooncurser

London, the winter of 1777. The excruciating pain ripping his body apart is unbearable. 17 year old Ned Smith is encased in an external skeleton of iron straps, dangling from a gibbet post. Billy Black and his gang are waiting for him to die, the desecration of his body will make A HAND OF GLORY. Its mystical powers cast a spell over terrified victims. Jack Swift is an infamous highwayman, the killer of three men, the most wanted man in England. He swears vengeance to Ned Smith, his condemned boyhood friend.

Pursued by man hunters, to survive the horror of strangulation by the hangman’s noose Jack knew he would be forced to kill again. The tall highwayman with ice blue eyes is distracted by an infatuation with a widowed beauty who is still in love with her dead husband. His real terror is the dissection of his body by the surgeon’s men. This act means the loss of his soul. Betrayal is threatened by someone very close, someone he loves.

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