Her Brother in Law

Love and Freedom wait on the other side.

After the sudden loss of her parents, Cass Sampson packs up and lands in the small town of Silver Lake. She settles in and thinks she finds the man of her dreams. Brent Beckett is perfect– handsome, successful, well respected.

Cass is excited about her future.

Very quickly, Cass discovers she married a monster. Brent is controlling and domineering with little respect for her. He abuses Cass mentally and physically while flaunting his affairs in her face.
And his horrid treatment is only the tip of his evil iceberg.
Brent staged the death of his brother, Ethan, and imprisoned him in the basement of the family home. Everyone believes Ethan was the victim of a terrible accident, but Cass discovers Ethan is
very much alive.

Through the basement door, Ethan and Cass form a friendship that develops into more. They bond in their shared misery and plot their escape.

99 Cent Bargain Book from February 19 – 23, 2021