Foley Crow: Friend or Foe?

Can you spot a trickster? What if it is a friend? Our friends are important people in our lives. We laugh with them and we help each other when things are not so good. Some people who mean us harm start by pretending to be friends and then lead us into danger. Is Foley Crow a friend or foe? Safeguarding young people is on everybody’s mind in school as we remain vigilant regarding KCSE (Keeping Children Safe in Education). This engaging and charming fiction tackles the difficult issue of grooming in a way that empowers children to define it and report it without scaring them or making children afraid to make friends. Norma Charles was born in Jamaica, the youngest of four children. Following graduation, she left to train as a nurse in the UK’s NHS. From there, her career took her to social work practice, specialising in children’s safeguarding and cultural heritage, which became the focus of her Master’s Degree at Nottingham Trent University in Socio-Legal Studies (Children). She has provided consultancy and tutoring in safeguarding children across cultures, as well as playing an active role in the community. A mother of two daughters and a grandmother, she maintains a strong interest in children’s rights, especially BAME girls’ rights to high achievement.

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