Experto en Criptomonedas – Actualidad & Futuro de Blockchain

Do you want to know what a cryptocurrency really is and how to use it to your maximum benefit?

Do you want to discover how to select cryptos from an intelligent and foolproof point of view?

And invest in cryptocurrencies with guarantees of success in the short and long term, even without previously knowing anything about this world?

“EXPERTO EN CRIPTOMONEDAS (TM)” is a professional guide for anyone who wants to enter this exciting and lucrative world. However, as is the case with most self-interested and naive, it is possible that the thundering forces of the market will destroy you completely, unless you have an exceptional lifeline. This manual will not only be your life insurance, but it will give you all the necessary knowledge to become a true expert in the field to:

Select cryptoassets with high returns and low risk (p. 32)
Diversify your investment in a highly intelligent way (p. 86)
To finally understand, in an effective way, what mining is (p. 92)
Discover all the secrets surrounding Blockchain (page 106)
What corridors should you use and do not? (p. 128)
How to use wallets safely (p. 154)
Short and long-term investment strategies (page 304)

And not only that, but also:

You will understand what types of cryptocurrencies exist and search engines to use (page 171)
You will know how to carry out a thorough technical analysis (page 225)
You will discover the way to invest in ICO’s and that nobody teaches (page 232)

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