Have you ever felt so strongly attracted to a stranger that you still think of that person five years later?

I have!

When I met Charles, he was entirely out of my league, and when I tried to talk to him anyway, I made a big fool of myself.
Now, I’ve been given a second chance to connect with my college crush. Unfortunately, the circumstances aren’t great as his family has hired me to get him out of what they suspect is a cult.

I’m ready to help any way I can, but will Charles even remember me?

With degrees in anthropology and psychology, twenty-seven-year-old Liv is convinced that she can resist being sucked into Connor O’Brien’s cult. Traveling from Chicago to Dublin in Ireland, she’s about to discover that Charles isn’t the only one who needs help to get out of O’Brien’s claws. But is she strong enough to take on a true psychopath or will she run to save herself?

Charlie is the first installment in Elin Peer’s contemporary romance series Cultivated , which offers suspense and drama. Like all her books, this one has a fast pace, lots of great dialogue, and leaves you wanting more.

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