Cambo & Josie and the Dream Dimension

Cambo and Josie’s world is turned upside down when Seigmon, a holographic Dream Envoy from the Dream Dimension, steps into their path on their way home. To their shock, he doesn’t speak, but transmits his thoughts to them. And, he has a startling message. They have been chosen to undertake a task of interstellar importance as the new generation of Dream Dwellers for Earth’s Sector Six. Cambo and Josie must enter into the dream space of fellow humans whilst they sleep and help them to resolve their most difficult problems by finding a way to change their dream-cycle. As Seigmon guides them through their first Dream Mission, the Dream Dwellers learn vital techniques they’ll need to overcome the destructive force of the Guardian of the Abyss, whose wish is to prevent them from ever leaving the dream.

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