The Devil’s Noose: A Pandemic Medical Thriller (Plague Walker Medical Thrillers Book 1)


The thing that
wiped out the dinosaurs is about to make its comeback.
It’s a trillion times smaller than a killer asteroid.
And it’s fallen into the hands of a madman.

When a call for help from the World Health
Organization arrives at Leigh Austen’s lab, she’s got to leap into action.
Something’s wiping entire villages clean of humans and wildlife in a war-torn
former Soviet Republic. Leigh’s skills are desperately needed to identify and
stop the pathogen’s spread before it explodes into a global pandemic.

Austen’s team of scientists and armed security
set off into the epicenter of the hot zone: over a mile straight down the
throat of the Karakul, the deepest open-pit mine in Asia. From there, they’ll
contend with an organism so deadly it annihilated the dinosaurs sixty-five
million years ago. What Leigh and her people discover will shake them to their
very core.

If they survive.


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