Secrets Of the Care Sector: A Professional Guide for Health Care Assistants


The Secrets of the Care Sector is designed to expose all aspects
of the health care assistant (HCA) role, from day-to-day standards to
focusing on progress and pitfalls. Consider the following:

  • Are you thinking of becoming an HCA?
  • Do you already work in the sector and want to become a number one carer?
  • Does your family member receive care and you want to know more about how to safeguard your loved one?
  • Do you manage or employ HCAs and want to understand the difficulties faced on the frontline?
  • Are you thinking of setting up your own agency and need guidance on how to be the best?

you need to sit down and read this book from start to finish. Soak up
all the information, so you can be in control of your future endeavours
within the Care Sector.
Alisia Jennings has worked in the care
industry for more than 15 years, holding various roles. She was credited
for her service in the sector and invited to the Houses of Parliament.
She also highlighted poor care standards and submitted a report as part
of the Cavendish Review, published in July 2013.
The review went on
to propose training for health care assistants and social care support
workers, resulting in the establishment of the Care Certificate. Care
workers must now complete the certificate within the first twelve weeks
of employment.  


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