A Golden Heart

Jake Johnson was an ordinary farmer’s lad from Cornwall who had an extraordinary Freshers Week at the University of Exeter. It all started so ordinarily. Upon arriving at University Jake meets his new housemates for the year- Albert, Victoria, Stella, Dan and Francesca.

An interesting bunch of characters. And things only get odder for Jake during his Fresher’s week, as he meets two Masters students and a wise old Spiritual Master who teach him many things about life.

He learns all about healing, sex, spirituality, enlightenment, A Course In Miracles, the meaning of life, how to live from a place of love rather than fear and sees the real inner truth behind his housemate’s outer appearance.

A Golden Heart is the most approachable and unique spiritual book of recent times, combining a fun and engaging plot with some of the deepest lessons from the spiritual path.

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