The Critical Thinking Effect: Uncover The Secrets Of Thinking Critically And Telling Fact From Fiction

If you keep making mistakes and just can’t seem to reach that next level… Then keep reading

Did you know that if you didn’t listen to Mozart as a child, you might be 8-10 IQ points dumber than you were supposed to be?

Okay, not really.

But during the 1990s, a generation of children was forced by their parents to listen to Mozart…Because a study found it made children smarter.

However, study after study couldn’t replicate those results later.

Eventually, researchers concluded that listening to ANYTHING while working resulted in higher intelligence testing.

How come did the idea become established as fact?

Because people fail to think critically.

The good news is you have the key to fix your problems. It’s a skill you just need to get better at using it.

Here’s just a smattering of what you’ll find inside:

– How to “ethically brainwash” your subordinates – see how a manager employed critical thinking to get his team to do a COMPLETE 180, on a project they SWORE they’d never work on!

– How to spot lies, sift through deceptions, and have the confidence to know you’ve made the best decision possible.

– How failure to think critically caused an experienced detective to miss a literal murder and what we need to learn from that real story

– The 10 most common cognitive fallacies and traps, listed by a Cambridge Ph.D. – how many are you committing on a daily basis?

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