What She Ran From: The ATM Skim Scam


What she ran from was certain
death from her abusive employers. Tara Lipton discovered a secret hidden in the
ATM units produced by the US branch of an eastern European company. Their
software skimmed tiny amounts of cash from user accounts at random. It all came
to a head after testing her suspicions. Corporate goons from the overseas HQ
brutalized her coworkers to unmask who stole from their skim scam. Tara fled
and disappeared, and her employers wanted to find, kidnap, make her talk, and
pay for what she did and knew.

Bert Barton, an old school
PI, saves the runaway woman on a train platform as a dealer pimp tries to grab
up the at-risk woman. This begins the strange partnership between a man who
only wanted to help and a woman with more than one dark secret. Bert helps her
and gets an old FBI friend involved. As the events draw to an explosive
conclusion, so does this enigmatic woman’s infatuation with the PI who rescued
her. Her darkest secret comes to light as everyone scrambles to understand the
whole truth.


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