The Amnesic Betrayal


The Amnesic Betrayal deals with the agony of a husband, Christopher Hall, whose wife Susan forgets him, their son Adam and their daughter Meryl completely. To add insult to injury, Susan starts a romantic relationship with Joseph Connolly, a resident in the nursing home where both of them are being looked after because of their memory loss. Adam, a recovering drug addict, swears that he will certainly put a stop to the unholy liaison. Jack, Joe Connolly’s son, argues that his father should be allowed to continue his new found romance unimpeded, without any interference from anybody. He asks, ’when does the right of an individual with lack of memory cease to exist and the wilful gratification of the relatives take over?’ The moral and ethical connotations are enormous.

The incident at the traffic lights, the goings on in the mysterious ‘green room’, the plot of a conniving, greedy, ex-girlfriend, the opportunism of a scheming ‘home- help’ and the awful consequences of Ketamine drug abuse will take you through the pages of this book to a climax which is as dramatic as is unexpected.


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