She Said She: (a trans love story)


The love between Michael and Ella is deep, long lasting and
intense but Michael’s lifelong struggle with their transgender identity
is ripping them apart. Then after a cancer diagnosis her glacial
transition turns into a marriage threatening sprint.
This engaging
and endearing love story spanning half a century is an illuminating,
honest, funny yet serious look into their journey and how they struggle
to stay in love and together.
It touches on the subjects of Safe
Spaces and Transgender Sport that recently ignited spats between
feminists like J K Rowling, Martina Navratilova and the transgender
Can Michaela pass as a women as she learns of the totally changed dynamic? Can their relationship survive against all the odds?
is torn apart as she tries to cope. But Michaela must end her secret
double life and be free at last as a newborn transgender women.


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