Choking on the Splinters


On his fifty-fifth birthday, Sanders was intent on making some dramatic life changes. He
surmised that he was becoming too recluse. After the death of his wife, four years ago, his dates
with women bordered on the sporadic. The afternoon of his birthday, he spent researching dating
sites. He was contacted by a quirky, mysterious and beautiful woman named Kat. She was a
hospice worker who cared for patients at the last stage of their lives. Kat began showing up on her
dates with Sanders sporting fine jewelry that she said were gifted to her by her dying patients.
Sanders was smitten by Kat but began suspecting that she was stealing from those entrusted to her
Sanders, a retired attorney had transitioned to life as a visual artist. He recently purchased a
building intent upon turning it into an artist studio and gallery. Mysterious shady threatening
characters keep showing up at his door. Based upon a clue received by the police, detectives
showed up at his building and questioned Sanders about illegal drugs being trafficked from his
address. He is dumbfounded and determine to have a grand opening for his art gallery. One day, a
beautiful woman, Sara conveniently appears at the gallery one day. She is in public relations and
offers to promote the art gallery for a reduced fee. Sanders slowly starts to surmise that Sara’s
interest in him, and the gallery is feigned for nefarious reasons.


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