Another Life


It’s July 1976 and the middle of an unprecedented heatwave.

Alex Paxton’s wife, Darcy, has walked out on him. He knows where she was heading when she left, but now she’s gone missing. When a series of disturbing telephone calls convinces him that she’s in trouble, he sets out to find her. Every new lead is a dead end … until Alex recognises a man’s voice.

Psychotherapist Sophie Royale has seen her husband, Raymond, with another woman, and she wants a divorce. But Sophie’s unhappy marriage isn’t the only thing on her mind: a new patient, Elizabeth Delaney, is mysteriously losing hours from her day, and Sophie feels compelled to find out why.

What happens to Elizabeth when time goes missing?

Could it be linked to the strange disappearance of Darcy Paxton?

‘Another Life’ is a supernatural thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.


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